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Christmas Celebrations in JTG

Christmas is a time for love, togetherness, joyous celebrations, and gifts galore. But that’s just for some of us. While we live a privileged life surrounded by loved ones and every conceivable comfort of day-to-day life, there are children out there who lack the basic essentials required to lead a life of dignity and contentment. 

My idea of Christmas whether old-fashioned or modern is very simple: loving others.

– Bob Hope

And this is where the Josh Technology Group family decided to bring smiles to the faces of orphans as a part of their 2018 Christmas celebrations on the 21st of December. We believe that the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas are caring and sharing and hence on the 21st of December, 80 to 90 team members from JTG spent a wonderful evening with 40 underprivileged children in partnership with 3 reputed NGOs – Udayan Care, Robinhood Army, and Bal Sahyog Charitable Trust.

The evening took off with the children being escorted to the terrace while team members scuttled around doing last minute preparations and arrangements. It can be confidently said that the excitement was going through the roof for both the team members and the children. The high-spirited kids had a field day running around the terrace, playing table tennis and foosball, while people waited at the gates, ready to welcome them with 2 members dressed as Santa Claus. 

Decorating the Christmas Tree

As soon as the children entered, there were shrieks of delight from all around and the 2 Santa Claus’ s were surrounded by a bunch of exuberant kids. The rest of the evening had been meticulously planned by the organizing committee and turned out to be more fun than they had ever imagined. There were Christmas trees in every room and the children and the team members formed teams to decorate the trees in true Christmas spirit. For most of the children, this was their first-ever such experience and the smiles on the earnest faces were worth a million dollars. 

Endearing Performances by the Children

The children gave wonderfully entertaining performances as they all put up skits, dances and singing performances. JTG team members matched them step for step, encouraging, clapping and thoroughly enjoying themselves. 


Gifts for the children were chosen and wrapped by the employees. It was decided that every child would receive 2 gifts. Each team member had to pick out a chit from the bowl. The chit had the name and age of the child, to make it easier to choose an appropriate gift. The present distribution part of the evening was easily one of the highlights as the kids were absolutely thrilled! Everyone happily posed for pictures and loads of selfies were clicked.

Munchies and Refreshments

Christmas staple like plum cake was followed by all-time party favorites like pasta, chow mein, cheese balls and papri chaat! What’s the perfect Christmas without fingerlicking goodies to munch on???

The almost 3-hour event wrapped up with lots of laughter, happiness, hugs, and love. There couldn’t have been a better way to ring in the Christmas cheer. While the children got to embrace the true spirit of Christmas, for all of us team members, it was a wonderful way to appreciate and rediscover the abundance that we have all been blessed with.